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    CEO / Builder / Entrepreneur / Investor / Social Media Guru / Motivational Speaker / Mentor / Author


    “Scott Binsack” is one of today’s most popular social media influences. By sharing his incredible life experiences & entrepreneurial successes with others, he has helped many people meet & exceed their goals. He surpasses expectations both personally & professionally as a consultant, mentor, and educator.

    Scott is a Long Island, New York native. He was a high school drop out by the 8th grade ( homeless at several points). During what can only be described as a tumultuous child hood & barely coming of age, Scott formed his first company at the age of 18. By age 21, he was generating publicity for his business techniques & the construction and remodeling of ocean front mansions & estates in the Hamptons. He was a self made millionaire by age 24.

    Scott’s achievements and projects landed him in many national and local publications including but not limited to “House Magazine”, “Remodeling Magazine” and “The Business Journal.” His construction and remodeling focus was catering to the elite. He is now considered an expert in residential construction. Scott’s flagship jewel Mansions & Estates International LLC was grossing yearly sales of over 12 million dollars by 2007 which spawned five (5) more subsidiary corporations under the same helm.

    Along the way, Scott succumbed to some of the traps of a high-flying lifestyle, going through a spectacular and well-publicized—fall from grace. Taking invaluable lessons from the mistakes he made & the prices he paid, he has re-emerged as a potent force behind extraordinary business success.

    Now at the age of 45 "Scott Binsack" shares these lessons with with the world, both through tremendous internet presence & through speaking engagements. He continues to lead the pack as a captivating motivator & public speaker with his realistic hard hitting “telling is like it is” style. Scott's incredible personal stories of success, failure, persistence, hard work, and the events that changed his life empower those around him everyday.




    The Rain Maker 


    Dec 2014 - Present 


    The Rain Maker / "Scott Binsack" offers world class service offerings for unique and exceptional individuals; individuals who are not satisfied with mediocrity and reject the status quo.


    Our offerings are many and varied, from website development and branding services, to individualized mentoring programs tailored to the client’s unique needs and requirements and designed to aid with specific areas of personal and professional development.The Rain Maker’s services include: Website development services; Brand development services; Blogging, content writing & website updates; Real estate website maintenance; Webinars;Personal mentoring programs;Corporate mentoring programs;Specialty Services.


    The Rain Maker is designed to give you the tools and resources you need to achieve your dreams. From practical solutions, like brand development, logo design, website design and incorporation services, to one-on-one mentoring designed to build an individual’s confidence, courage and motivation. Unlike many mentoring programs, which focus exclusively on personal development or solely serve to promote professional development, The Rain Maker believes that personal and professional development are inextricably interlinked. Therefore, this program provides a unique blend of offerings which are intended to first build the individual’s core on a personal level.


    This personal development work then serves as a foundation for growth and expansion on a professional level.Once a client has a robust personal core, it’s time to polish their personal brand, while simultaneously guiding you to create your own destiny.




    Mansions and Estates International, Inc.

    Founder / CEO 

    Jan 2004 – Present



    "Scott Binsack" is a top expert in high-end residential construction and home improvements. Backed by more than 25 years of experience in constructing, remodeling, and restoring homes, he's become a dedicated consultant to homeowners to ensure the quality of work and to keep their bottom line in mind.

    After working on both sides of home construction and renovations and overcoming various business and personal obstacles, Scott gained a world of knowledge regarding how builders and contractors manipulate projects. This manipulation creates cost overruns, time delays, and product failures. Today, Scott has dedicated himself to ensure clients receive the highest quality home construction and improvement services for the best rates.


    "Scott Binsack" checks the project's various disciplines (structural, civil, architectural, mechanical, etc.) for accuracy, completeness, clarity, and buildable design intent. This process assures the owner that contract and construction documents are clear in their intent, and the project is buildable at a reasonable cost, within a reasonable time.

    Scott offers specialized construction inspection, planning, and coordination to owners. Scott uses his vast expertise to see that your final product is constructed according to plans and specifications, while managing and minimizing the risk of construction.

    "Scott Binsack" Publications, Inc.

    Book Author Staying Real ~~ The "Scott Binsack" Story 

    Dec 2014 – Present


    Born in 1960s Long Island, "Scott Binsack" was born into an average, typical middle class family, but his life would prove to be anything but typical. Subjected to painfully cruel abuse from a very young age, Scott found himself struggling to survive.

    Life was tumultuous not only at home, but at school too. He attended nine schools in just as many years, ultimately dropping out before completing the 8th grade. He went on to endure childhood homelessness, grappling to find a place in the world, while struggling to work through the flood of emotions that arose from his difficult childhood.


    Scott ultimately found his place in the world as an entrepreneur and visionary, launching his first company at the young age of 18, earning his first million by age 24 and losing it all by age 30. Scott went on to endure a highly-publicized and rather spectacular fall from grace, suffering severe consequences that threatened to destroy everything --- including his spirit.


    Life was complicated further by a 1999 accident that brought Scott to the brink of death. But as he'd done many times before, Scott refused to accept defeat, once again rising to not only survive, but thrive, crawling back from the ashes and rising to

    become better, stronger and wiser...all the while, Staying Real.

    Staying Real is a story of triumph over adversity, while maintaining a sense of hope an authenticity that's extremely rare in today's world.


    "Scott Binsack's" childhood was one filled with fear, trauma, instability and profoundly shocking abuse. But this 8th grade

    drop-out would not be deterred by homelessness, loss or solitude.


    Staying Real chronicles his story, as he fell from grace, crawled out of the ashes and ultimately ascended above life's challenges to prosper and thrive, finding himself and gaining

    valuable insight along the way.

    Available 2016

    Sunday Night With "Scott Binsack"

    Creator / Producer / Host 

    Mar 2014 – Present


    "Scott Binsack" Telling It Like It Is on Life, Love and Success ... Sharing a Piece Of His Life Along The Way. Join Scott every Sunday night as he shares a new inspiring and powerful show.

    Coastal Building & Development, Inc.

    CEO/ Founder 

    Mar 1998 – Oct 2000


    Owner and operator, ran all daily scheduling, field managment, customer relations and sales.

    East Coast Construction, Inc.



    Jan 1989 – Nov 1998


    Owner and operater of high-end residential new construction and remodeling company in Long Island, NY specializing in ocean front construction and design.



    "A lion never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep"

    Scott J. Binsack  



    Construction Managment

    Financial Managment

    Employee Relations


    Contract Negotiation

    Cost Control

    Social Media


    Website Design






    Several Trade Schools / Certification Classes

    Residential Construction Building Codes Boca/ Cabo/ National Building Codes / Hurricaine Code 1989 - 2000



    Westbury High School / St. Brigits

    Diploma GED General 1981 - 1984


    Activities: Football, Science, Debate Team and Wood Shop



    Greater New York City Area